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Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Perfection of the ride
Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Perfection of the ride

GL1800 Gold Wing




So, where do you want to go?

Wherever you’re drawn to the GL1800 Gold Wing is a beautifully finished, premium ticket to ride, designed to make short-trip touring easier, and more enjoyable, than ever. Powered by a magnificent 1,833cc, six-cylinder engine, you have the choice of manual six-speed gearbox or seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), all housed in a sophisticated, nimble-handling chassis that includes double-wishbone front suspension, Pro-Arm rear suspension and electronic damping. Newly upgraded audio and speakers guarantee a perfect soundtrack to each ride. And that’s what the Gold Wing is about. The pure perfection of the ride.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Set yourself free


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    Want more from your motorcycling? Find it, right here.

    The Gold Wing is pure experience. Sure, carry all that you need, but this motorcycle is built for riding. Its engine – a six-cylinder mechanical masterpiece – responds, instantly to each command. Agile handling floats through corners. But this is Gold Wing. You expect more. And you’ve got it. The expansive, 7-inch full-colour TFT display provides infotainment information as well as riding mode management, suspension adjustment and navigation And, to keep in touch with your world as the world glides by, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ connectivity mean you can engage various Apple™ or Android™ smartphone functions through Bluetooth®.

    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Expect more
    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Keep in touch with your world
    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, A pure experience
    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Built for riding


    Top box and panniers or just panniers? You decide. Slide here.

    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Tour
    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

    Gold Wing

    Gold Wing Tour


    Sure, the Gold Wing loves the highway. But it comes alive in corners.

    This is a motorcycle built to handle curves, joyfully. Its die-cast, aluminium twin-beam frame uses double wishbone front suspension, to reduce sliding friction from bump deflections and steering input. Steering input is also separated from suspension action and the result is light, nimble handling from walking speeds up. For a perfectly controlled, compliant ride, damping force adjusts electronically according to riding mode selection; rear spring preload also adjusts electronically. It’s an intuitive system – separate from the 4 riding modes, there are 4 settings relative to load, from soft to hard. Altogether, this is a chassis created to harness the kinetic energy of an incredible, one-of-a kind powerplant. So you can use all of it to impressive effect.

    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Control of power


    Make your favourite Honda your own through the Honda Motorcycles Europe app. It’s easy. Choose the bike you want and select a colour. Then, see how it looks sat in your garage through the AR feature. There’s an integrated accessories catalogue, so you can add the parts you want. And the Honda Motorcycles Europe YouTube channel is now part of the app, with a gallery of videos to enjoy.

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    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Honda Motorcycles Experience